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The World Bank
The objective of the State Expenditure Effectiveness for Opportunities and Results Project for Nigeria is to improve the composition and effectiveness of public expenditure by strengthening public management systems and service delivery whilst enhancing employment generation in participating states. Negative impacts include: loss of land and immovable assets; loss of house and shelter; loss of livelihood and income opportunities; loss of access to land used for agriculture; loss of business, residential and industrial accommodation; and loss of location and expense for moving structure. Mitigation measures include:
  1. The Government will compensate the lost assets at their replacement cost;
  2. The option of voluntary donation is available to the asset owners;
  3. Assistance will be given to the affected population to reestablish their livelihood and income, and to compensate for temporary losses;
  4. Vulnerable groups will be provided with additional options as support mechanism than those not considered vulnerable;
  5. Where harvesting prior to land loss is not possible, provide replacement seedlings for crops lost plus cash compensation for value of production lost;
  6. Provide cash compensation for the income foregone during the period that the Project Affected Peoples (PAP) is without land. In addition, provide assistance with the transportation of materials and equipment to replacement land; and
  7. Compensation may include items such as land, houses, and other buildings, building materials, seedlings, agricultural inputs and financial credits for equipments.
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