Contracts Consultancy Limited (CCL) Nigeria Recruitment {}

Contracts Consultancy Limited (CCL) Nigeria Recruitment {}

Contracts Consultancy Limited (CCL) has a global network of associated and partner companies located in:
Abu Dhabi, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Oman, Nigeria, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Venezuela and Singapore
and has links with companies in many other countries. This means that they can source candidates from many countries and also provide consultants and personnel to clients in those countries in compliance with local immigration, labour and taxation requirements.

For more information about CCL you can visit at their official website Contracts Consultancy Limited (CCL) is looking for dynamic, visionary and result oriented people to fill the following positions:
  1. Senior Instrumentation Engineers
  2. Senior Process Engineers
  3. Senior Mechanical Engineers
  4. Contract Officer (Oil & Gas)
  5. Electrical Supervisor
  6. UFR Senior Contract Engineer (Oil & Gas)
  7. Lead Instrumentation Engineer
  8. Architectural Engineer
  9. Mechanical Supervisor
  10. Senior Structural Engineer
  11. Naval Architect
  12. Head of Services, ECP (Oil & Gas)
  13. Expediting Engineer
  14. Lead Process Engineer
  15. Crane Trainer / Instructor
  16. Contracts Consultancy Limited
How to apply?

To applying, visit at

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