How to Make a Good Resume CV? for Job

How to Make a Good Resume CV? for Job

Your resume you need to apply. A curriculum vitae or CV literally means 'life'. In your resume shows you what training, work experience and other knowledge and skills you have. You look at what is relevant to the job vacancy. Based on your resume and your cover letter you will be invited for an interview. Therefore pays much attention to the content and appearance. It should be neat, accurate and easy. A good resume makes the reader curious about you as a person.

Tips for Your Resume CV:

A good resume is never more than 2 A4 pages long. It consists of components such as personal data, programs, courses and training, work experience and other activities and interests. Begin your resume always with the words 'curriculum vitae'.

Personal information:

Call the personal data only information like your name, address, telephone (landline and mobile), email address, birth date (and place), and gender.


Start with your latest training and work back to previous courses. The reader scans your resume quickly and looks like this first your main courses.
  • List all courses from your high school
  • List the subjects, as they join the job, or if they differ from standard syllabuses
  • Please include relevant courses and training.
Also at your work experience starting with your most recent experience.
  • List all jobs that are relevant to the job as temporary, voluntary, summer jobs, student jobs and internships
  • Each function you call the substantive relevance. For example if you are applying as an administrative assistant at a supermarket chain, and there you have previously worked as a general, this is very relevant. You know exactly what the organization stands. Moreover, the reader can see you next to you also develop your hands dirty stuck
  • Indicate the responsibilities, duties and powers you had or have. Try these tasks as much as possible to connect to the job you are applying.
Other activities and interests:

For other activities you mentioned skills you have that you can store in the above statement, but is relevant to. Consider:
  • Knowledge of languages
  • Hobbies and sports (limit the list to a few favorites that you excited about can tell)
  • Computer knowledge
  • License
  • Type of Diploma

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