Consultant Jobs in Nigeria / Consulting Firms/Company in Nigeria

Consultant Jobs in Nigeria / Consulting Firms/Company in Nigeria

What is consulting firm/company?

A consulting firm is a company that provides specialized expertise to its customers, which can be companies or individuals. Several consultants offer different types of advice. Although there are numerous types of businesses, some of the most popular are information technology (IT) consulting and management consulting firms. Other types of businesses including environmental consultants and human resource consultancies.

Every business consulting company operates its business in a different way. Companies can provide consultants who focus on a specific project or consultants who help train and implement changes in a staff to specific goals. Project-oriented companies usually specialize in a specific business function, such as supply chain and customer relationship management (CRM). These companies analyze their customer needs and managing the development, implementation and training until completion.

A consultancy that focuses on staff augmentation begins his service after a client company is analyzed and projects are described and quantified. Staff augmentation companies offer very specific resources, methodologies and training. Their task is complete after implementation.

In some cases, a company may need to hire more consultants for different areas that need improvement. For example, a large company to contact a management consulting company to help increase production. After analyzing a company, the management consultant advises the implementation of new hardware and software. If the company does not have the knowledge or capacity to implement the new technology, it hires an IT consultant to complete the project.

Individual consultants offer advice on issues such as political campaigns, weddings and fashion. These types of companies offer the same kind of special service, but it is tailored to the individual. Thus, a political advisor to help formulate a game plan to get his client elected to the office. The consultant can conduct market research, evaluate trends and voices help with speech writing. Wedding consultants planning a wedding for a couple, covering everything from helping a bride choose her dress to make honeymoon travel can include.

Both business consultants and individual consultants typically are formally trained in their field. Some areas are only a few lessons or just a few years of education, while others require advanced college degrees which may take many years to complete. In addition, the best consultants usually have many years of work experience in their field with a proven track record of success.

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