eHealth Nigeria Jobs/Vacancies (

eHealth Nigeria Jobs/Vacancies (

eHealth Nigeria is focused on improving healthcare in Northern Nigeria by creating effective ways to implement reliable health information management systems. eHealth Nigeria have developed eHealth and mHealth solutions that can be rapidly deployed to manage patient information, streamline clinical procedures, and provide data and analysis on health program outcomes.
eHealth Nigeria , to support the management of health facilities to influence health-related funding and policy decisions, and provide doctors with the patient information needed to improve decision-making before, during, and after care.

eHealth Nigeria’s work is built on the belief that effective and accurate health services should be universally available. eHealth also recognize the rights and obligations of host countries to contribute to the design and implementation of these health systems. With this mind, eHealth Nigeria works with Ministries of Health, local governmental organizations, and in-country partners to develop sustainable Health Management Information Systems (HMIS).

Their #1 priority is to create Health Management Information Systems that are easy-to-use and that hospital staff can rely on. In order to do this, eHealth have built our eHealth and mHealth systems to address the following challenges:

Unreliable Power
Dusty, hot, and humid environment
Lack of skilled ICT staff
Lack of trained doctors and physicians

For full information about eHealth Nigeria interested candidates can be accessed on the eHealth’s Website:

eHealth Nigeria Jobs/Vacancies

How to apply?
Please send an email to with the following information:
  1. Resume
  2. Answer the following questions
  3. What qualities do you have that will make you a good State Manager
  4. Give an example of a problem that you faced on the job and how you resolved it
  5. What are your strengths and weaknesses? And why?
Before the interview, read “A Report of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center: Polio in Nigeria, The Race to Eradication” at

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