Full Time Head Metering Job at Shell Nigeria

Full Time Head Metering Job at Shell Nigeria

The experienced professionals and engineers Shell seek will be expected to support daily equipment and facility maintenance, reliability and availability as well as production delivery onshore and offshore.

Shell Nigeria required a full time Head Metering in Nigeria. The candidate must have 12 - 15 years work experience.

Job opening ID: 37

HND or B.Eng. degree with at least 10years experience in oil & gas operations.
Minimum 5 years experience with measurement/metering in the oil/gas industry, including custody transfer measurement design, calibration and maintenance.
Experience with crude oil handling and gas sales agreement management and third party injection measurement will be an advantage.
Good interpersonal and team leadership skill.
External stakeholder management focus

Roles and responsibilities
  • Responsible for metering activities across SEPCIN Technical to site, Projects, Calibration and Verification, Planning and archive.
  • Specify and monitor metering equipment standards and approve equipment for use within SPDC.
  • Technical authority (TA-2) for metering.
  • Oversee, specify asset needs and assist in system design actions for both up-grade, new and specific replacements.
  • Oversee and support up-date equipment specifications for equipment sourcing and company supply of recognised / approved metering equipment.
  • Support to commercial on metering issues.
  • Monitor calibration requirements and application specification to recognise the required calibration facility for metering stations.
  • Liaise with systems and equipment vendors to ensure SPDC standards and requirements are met.
  • Liaise with all SPDC departments as necessary to ensure internal supply standards, metering department and operational requirements of all metering projects are met.
  • Undertake document and design reviews to support Projects and approvals of all issues within SPDC.
  • Support document logging and system entry of all Project docs to allow Operations, Projects, Metering Dept and other SPDC departments to have readily available access to information.
  • Oversee maintenance instructions and spares necessary for the operation of equipment.
Last date of application
The last date is 31st January, 2013 for submission of application

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