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Standard Chartered Bank has required a full time Head, Personal (Preferred Segments & Retail Products) for its job function Consumer Banking. This position is based in Nigeria. The job ID is 370892.

Job Summary
  • Develop segments’ CVP to achieve top of the mind awareness.
  • Own the P&L of the segments including quality of portfolio.
  • Plan segments’ sales and service strategy.
  • Develop capacity plan to achieve growth in market share.
  • To ensure that Personal/Preferred Banking brand values and identity are consistently and effectively represented in the right tone and manner in all above the line and below the line marketing communication materials.
  • Identity product & relationship building/pricing/penetration opportunities
  • Work with all product owners to drive the ground execution.
  • Ensure Productivity/ profitability of Relationship Managers (RMs) meeting growth plan.
  • Responsible for development/execution of special projects.
  • Work closely with Distribution in branch expansion and staffing of front line.
  • Work closely with New Business/Operations to ensure right segmentation is recorded at the time of sourcing. Handover of accounts to Personal Financial Consultant (PFC) / Personal Financial Manager (PFM) and monitor growth on the New-to-Bank (NTB) accounts.
To develop and implement strategy for increasing the TP generation for the Retail Business based on competitive and a clear marketing strategy to define key target segments and develop products and services to meet the needs of these segments.
  1. Contribute revenues to Preferred & Personal Banking.
  2. Develop new initiatives for future revenue stream.
  3. Plan and ensure execution and tracking of business initiatives on a timely basis to achieve sales and revenue budget and to support business growth.
  4. Successfully penetrate potential pockets of portfolio to improve ER/EP at customer levels.
  5. Designing processes to ensure robust customer engagement/ experience of segments.
  6. Achieve proper execution of segments CVP.
  7. Aggressively pursue a growth strategy to ensure that there is a proper mix between Current and Savings Account in the CASA portfolio.
  8. Manage and maintain the development of strong and differentiated brand & product propositions.
  9. Assist business development with a view to good quality revenue opportunity.
  10. Assisting Heads of Business in day to-day management of the business, including monitoring and tracking of business strategy, goal, performance, budgets, risk and other related matters and establishing and maintaining appropriate processes/mechanisms for efficient tracking and monitoring.
  11. Generate new business to achieve defined sales targets
  12. Draw up monthly plans for achieving new business and customer acquisition goals committed for the assigned branches.
  13. Source and call on individual prospects as well as organise and conduct sales presentations to groups, clubs, associations, companies and other organisations within the assigned branches.
  14. Lead / assist assigned branches in upgrading and converting existing target branch customers for Preferred & Personal Banking through staff training and presentations.
  15. Actively participate in marketing and promotional activities for customer acquisition.
  16. Solicit referrals from other parts of the SCB Group especially during periods of staff incentive promotional drives.
  17. Build and deepen relationships with existing Preferred & Personal Banking Customers to achieve increase in share of wallet and revenues.
  18. Determine monthly plans and implement sales and service process to achieve committed targets for incremental business from existing Preferred & Personal Banking Customers, and effectively:
    • carry out agreed sales initiatives,
    • adhere to standards for frequency and type of customer contact,
    • implement cross-selling and other relationship building activities,
    • prioritise activities based on the level of existing / potential business and revenue contribution of customers in assigned portfolio.
  19. Build an information database on existing Preferred & Personal Banking Customers to support relationship building and cross-selling efforts.
  20. Foster and deepen relationships with high-value customers in Preferred segment by providing regular market information updates to assist them in their investment decisions.
  21. Implement loyalty-rewarding programme(s) to reinforce customer relationships.
  22. Keep abreast of customers’ needs and conduct regular checks on market trends and competitors’ programme offering and activities for target customer groups so as to enable the local business and Group to initiate efforts to increase the attractiveness of the programme / product differentiation vis-a-viz local / global competition.
  23. Plan, target and cross-sell integrated business financial services to Customers who are self-employed professionals and businessmen.
  24. Provide truly professional customer service to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and retention.
  25. Consistently adhere to local and international service standards.
  26. Practice service excellence in handling customer issues relating to product enquiries in a timely, problem-free and responsive manner.
  27. Provide a high level of professionalism in conducting financial analysis and profiling with customers.
  28. Recommend improvements in operational processes, procedures and products based on monitoring of customer feedback to ensure constant enhancement of service levels and efficiency.
  29. Ensure  ongoing self-development
  30. Motivate self to improve on personal skills especially in relationship management, financial planning and analysis, investment counselling, and recommending training in appropriate aspects.
  31. Upgrade oneself in knowledge and new developments in banking, financial and investment products and services and ensure that certification and licensing requirements for the job are obtained as quickly as possible.
  32. KYC / Money Laundering
  33. Maintain alertness to the risk of money laundering and assist in the Bank’s efforts in combating it by adhering to the key principles in relation to: “identifying your customer, knowing your customer, reporting suspicions, safeguarding records and not disclosing suspicions to customers”.
Qualifications & Skills
  • University graduate and/or professional qualification with experience in Consumer Banking business.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience of Consumer Banking products.
  • In depth knowledge of Customer Segmentation, Product analytics and Product Profitability drive.
  • Strong business drive and acumen.
  • High interpersonal skills with a proven ability to communicate at all levels and with other units.
  • Sound negotiation skills proven by operational delivery and accountability
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements and codes of conduct.
  • Thorough knowledge of marketing concepts, operational delivery systems and customer service.
  • Strong analytical skill.
  • A self starter with drive to implement his/her idea/ excellent problem solving and decision making skill.
  • A team player, open minded and innovative in thinking.
  • Creative in seeking alternatives.
  • Strong sales skills, thorough knowledge of banking products and services including experience in product development.
  • Experience in business management/product management or marketing role in a personal banking or investment management environment.
  • Ability to determine appropriate product/pricing strategies.
  • Sound understanding of marketing principles backed with suitable experience.
  • Ability to represent and project the Bank externally.
  • Strategic understanding and appreciation of the market and the directional movement over the next few years.
  • High interpersonal skills with a proven ability to communicate at all levels with other units.
  • Strong organizational and administrative skills.
  • Knowledge of CB business regulatory requirements and codes of conduct
  • Thorough knowledge of business risks and processes.
  • Self-motivated, assertive and proactive. Excellent problem solving and decision making skill.
  • Team player, open minded and innovative in thinking with ability to motivate staff.
How to apply?
Interested candidates, who meet the above requirements, should click here to apply online.

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