Addax Petroleum Recruitment 2013 Asset Manager in Nigeria

Addax Petroleum Recruitment 2013 Asset Manager in Nigeria

Addax Petroleum is a subsidiary of the Sinopec Group, 1 of the biggest oil & gas producers in China, the biggest oil refiner in Asia and the 3rd biggest worldwide. Addax Petroleum’s assets are located in Nigeria, is recruiting to the position of Asset Manager.

Job Number: 002121
Job Type (Employment Type): Permanent
Job Schedule: Full Time
Job Category: Geosciences


  • To determine and deliver the OML 126 Business Plan with the aim of maximising asset value according to Addax corporate strategic objectives.
  • To review and endorse short-, mid- and long-term exploration and field development plans, including yearly technical work programmes and budgets according to the asset business plan.
  • To co-ordinate, support and monitor all activities in OML 126 and projects concerning reservoirs, surface and sub-surface production, processing facilities, pipelines, pumping stations and drilling operations.
  • To co-ordinate all technical and commercial activities and negotiation on equity matters.
  • To analyse and report monthly, quarterly and yearly production forecasts and actual capital and operating expenditure versus budgets.
  • To represent OML 126 business interests at senior management committee level.
  • To evaluate the asset value, such as economic field life, contracts, transport and processing agreements, unit operating agreements and equity.
  • To evaluate economic attractiveness of new exploration and production ventures, prepare and submit bids.
  • To assist in the evaluation of business opportunities including designated fields and exploration acreage.
Human Resources:
  • To identify and secure appropriate personnel establishment on a long-term basis, assess, develop and motivate employees.
Various Initiatives:
  • To call and/or conduct Peer Reviews for critical projects in OML 126.
  • To promote and evaluate the application of new and emerging technologies in OML 126 upstream activities.
  • To represent the Company at industry conventions and forums.
  1. At least 15 years relevant oil/gas industry experience: technical, operational, commercial, 5 years of management experience.
  2. A good level of experience of the oil industry and an excellent working knowledge of all disciplines including Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Production Operations, Facilities Engineering, economics and Management.
  3. Management ability and the ability to think laterally, the ability to communicate well and get along well with others, and the ability to manage and work within an integrated team.
  4. Good Team Player, Excellent Communication Skills
  5. Excellent Leadership Skills
  6. Strong Interpersonal Skills
How to apply?
Interested candidates should visit on to apply online.

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