Cover Letter - Knows How to Structure a Cover Letter?

Cover Letter - Knows How to Structure a Cover Letter?

The cover letter should be brief and simple. As a rule must be handwritten, but nowadays you have been using the computer. This letter should, together with the CV, to convince the employer to call you for an interview.

Head to the right person: - Start by directing the letter to the right person. This proves to be careful to send the letter to a particular person. Do not forget to put on the subject line of the letter, which explains the purpose of his letter and eventually mentions the reference listing.

Write a good opening sentence: - The intention is to stand out in the middle of many answers. This can not be used with phrases like: "Following its announcement ...." or "Why come via this apply to me ...." Avoid language or standardized expressions and use a classic opening sentence custom, unique and full of enthusiasm.

Do not use words too modest: - "Maybe," "eventually" and "think" are expressions to avoid.
Look for the middle way. Say that it is the ideal person and the employer would be crazy if I did not take this opportunity, not only shows a pronounced enthusiasm as well as a large dose of arrogance.

Explain why you are applying: - Explain what attracts you in the company, function in the sector. Enjoy showing enthusiasm.

Does not extend: - Your letter can have maximum one page. It should convey the message in short sentences with many dynamic and active verbs.

Do not mention his inexperience: - If you do not have the experience or training required, do not mention. Write before about their ability to learn quickly. Always be positive about yourself.

Do not talk about salary: - Do not talk about money in the letter. Mention the ordered just in case you have been asked in the ad that is responding, but believe it will create a negative impression.

Avoid end with platitudes: -Remember that the last impression is as important as the first.
Do not write phrases but, for example, "If you think you have something to offer each other, I am always available to talk in an interview."

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