How to Write a Resignation Letter?

How to Write a Resignation Letter?

Changing jobs means you have to resign from your current job. In this dossier know what aspects should be aware when it fires and how to write a resignation letter.


Think carefully before taking the final decision to leave. Ask yourself what are the reasons for doing so. There is no chance that the Internal excites? Is there anything that could make you stay, as an increase, for example?

Tell your superiors
  • Once the decision is made, it should inform your immediate superior.
  • Prepare what you will say. It will ask for the reason for his resignation, and probably for his new job.
  • Determine what you will tell and when. Is not required to justify his dismissal.
Be prepared for the reactions
It is possible that your superiors react calmly and wish you happiness, but it is also possible to be angry and start repressing it. Maintain a positive and professional dialogue. Remember that people always keep the first and last impression and you may return to find your current job situation over another.

The resignation letter
His resignation has value only to do legal writing. Should contain the following elements:
  1. Date
  2. The person or the department to which the drive
  3. Mention it resigns from company x
  4. The starting date and duration of the notice period
  5. Your name
  6. His signature
If you feather out and find it too short and impersonal, can, for example, mention that it was a pleasure to have worked with the company and they will do everything so that the transition goes as well as possible.

If however, resent your boss or the company; resist the temptation to vent by writing. It is little sign of professionalism.

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