NIMC Test Results 2013 Short-listed for Interview

NIMC Test Results 2013 Short-listed for Interview

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is currently inviting successful candidates to Interview following Aptitude Test conducted nationwide in Feb and Mar 2013. Some candidates have received an SMS Invitation from NIMC which reads as follows:

"Dear Applicant,
Further to the aptitude test you took, you have been short-listed for interviews with NIMC in Abuja. Further details will be communicated."

NIMC has started sending the Second SMS inviting candidates for Interview at their Abuja office situated at:


Most of the candidates for this batch were invited for Interview scheduled to take place on 23rd & 24th April, 2013.

NOTE: If you wrote the test and haven't got the SMS,  please don't panic yet,  you'll have to exercise some patience and wait till when you'll possibly be contacted. At this time the invitation is sent only to the candidates that applied for:
  • Enrolment Officer
  • Head of NIMC State Offices
As NIMC indicated:

General Notice to All Candidates

Further to the aptitude tests conducted in February and March, 2013, we are now progressing to the interview stage of the recruitment process.

The interviews will be conducted in phases according to the various job roles. Please note that only qualified candidates, based on performance in the aptitude test, will be contacted.

Invitation to Interviews: Enrolment Officers and Heads of NIMC State Offices

Based on performance in the aptitude tests, we are inviting qualified candidates for interviews for the following roles:
  • Enrolment Officer
  • Head of NIMC State Office
Successful candidates for these roles have been invited via SMS for interviews at National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) HQ in Abuja.

Invited candidates should come along with the originals and 6 photocopies of the following:
  1. CV
  2. Educational Certificates (Primary to Tertiary)
  3. NYSC Certificate
  4. Birth Certificate, and
  5. Certificate of State of Origin.
  6. Also come along with one passport photograph and
  7. A valid means of identification.
Candidates should please ensure that they adhere to the date and time they have been scheduled for interviews.

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