References and Recommendations

References and Recommendations

In Nigeria it is not very usual to deliver referrals or even less provides letters of recommendation. However, both can be advantageous in time to apply for the job you want.

Prepare yourself in advance, compose a list of references and add a few letters to be prepared when the employer can ask.

Who to ask for referrals?

You should choose the right people to ask for references about you. It is important to know well the people who will recommend and seek authorization for them to use as reference.

Should choose responsible people, with a high position, if possible, they can confirm that worked on given site with a given position and can tell because left and other details.

It is also important to know what they will say about your work history, your performance or knowledge.

It is perfectly acceptable to use references other than your previous employer, Known business people, teachers, clients, etc. All of them can be good references.

If you do volunteer work, consider using the 'group leaders' or other members of the organization as a personal reference.

Not a bad idea to ask for a letter of recommendation to your boss or direct another person's direction when parting. Sure you can do it later, but time flies and people change jobs. It is not always easy to find 'ex-bosses'.

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