Siemens Supply Chain Manager Recruitment Nigeria

Siemens Supply Chain Manager Recruitment Nigeria

Siemens has ignited revolutions in energy, healthcare, industry and infrastructure & cities - all because of 360,000 people worldwide who dare to ask big questions every day.

Siemens Nigeria is currently recruiting in Port-Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria to the position of Supply Chain Manager (Req ID 131583).

Job Summary

  • Responsible for organization, steering and implementation of strategic procurement activities in the respective area of responsibility with the objective of obtaining the optimum Contribution to the Net Income from Material. This includes amongst others things the implementation of Supplier Management, Global Sourcing, development of strategies and realization of bench markings.
  • Responsible for the integrated, process orientated planning, controlling, execution and monitoring of the processes (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return) of the value chain - within and across companies - for fulfilling customer orders and for sustainable improvement of performance and costs. This includes the integrated management of the flow of material, goods and services, the associated monetary, payment and billing transactions and the associated exchange of information.
Analyzing Data Base:
  • Develop evolving SCM strategy typical to growing businesses in how higher efficiency can be obtained and how 'expectation data base identified gaps can be closed in a cost effective- and compliant manner and with the goal to increase customer and supplier satisfaction. The SCM Strategy should be synchronised with other departments within ES SO Nigeria.
  • Based on the SCM Strategy construct, maintain and control a SCM budget with the aim to build and maintain a high quality and sustainable competitive SCM Department.
  • Contribute significantly in achieving ES SO goals in providing leadership in SCM department as a key contributor in collaboration with other department heads in achieving, maintaining and controlling SCM level of quality as set out in SCM Strategy.
  • Creating leverage in results through result driven character is required by utilizing gained competence through education and experience. The competence should be applied through creativity and out of the box thinking in an ownership manner and with the goal exceed expectations.
For position of Supply Chain Manager you must have:
  1. Bachelor or University Degree in SCM, Engineering or equivalent work experience is preferred.
  2. Extensive business experience (5+ years) in SCM in Oil & Gas Industry. Must be able to support Operations- and Sales department.
  3. Experience in managing SCM, decision making, proactive, must be able to coach and to built a trust relationship with staff and clients
  4. Interact with various internal and external stakeholders of a diversified cultural mix.
This job application will be closed on 2nd May, 2013, therefore apply now. To apply, candidate should click here.

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