All know that a succinct but comprehensive curriculum, providing all the necessary information in a simple and intuitive, is no easy task! To help, we have compiled some guidelines that can help in organizing an effective CV, away from the rigid models that some seek to prepare your Curriculum.

Check out the relevance that should be given to each area to build a Curriculum Hundred Per Cent (100%) safe, with all the information in the right proportion!

Two Per Cent (2%) of Personal Data - Limit personal information to data which are really important (name, contact, age) or have been specifically requested (driving license, for example). Keep in mind that, in addition to the identification of the candidate, this area has exceptional importance for the coach not add anything relevant to your professional profile.

Twenty Seven Per Cent (27%) of Academic Qualifications - Being a particularly crucial for those with little work experience, shall in no case be neglected some of its importance. Regardless of your qualifications indicate the highest degree earned and the institution that you attended. Preferably, it should also include dates of start and completion, training area and average rating (favorable or directly if requested). Although important information has some insight since there is no information available from primary school!

Thirty Eight Per Cent (38%) Work Experience - This is the primary area of your CV, and where the main focus which focuses the attention of the coach. Do not just mention dates and what positions he held, make sure you list the main responsibilities, achievements and projects developed. Being too general or vague can impair the analysis of its powers.

Twelve Per Cent (12%) of Complementary Education - Often this field is that the coaches are looking for something that evidences certain candidate. Faced with similar professional backgrounds and qualifications identical, may be training courses or professional specialization, conferences, seminars or workshops to make a difference.

Five Per Cent (5%) Additional Information - This area can be an indicator of their personal preferences, helping the coach to complete the candidate profile for curriculum analysis. Enjoy to high-light the cultural, sporting, unions and associations that somehow can make a positive contribution to their profile.

Sixteen Per Cent (17%) Spelling, Organization and Presentation - As a reflection of himself, the image of your Curriculum is essential. A correct Portuguese, allied to a structure sober and simple reading, will be the best card for the coach.

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