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Workforce Management Centre (WMC)’s client the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria, the Commission is seeking to hire world class talent and professionals with the competence and capacity to make the goals and strategic objective of The DAWN to become a reality through the position as Advisor of Enterprise Competitiveness & Innovations (DAC/AECI/13)

Responsibilities of Advisor, Enterprise Competitiveness & Innovations
  • Seek and promote best-in-class innovation, initiatives and methodology in different areas of development focus for mainstreaming, applicability and adaptability in the SW Region
  • Leverage data and information to identify world class initiatives that will promote the development of the Southwest Region
  • Provide strategic direction in the major functions of the operations and market it to key stakeholders, financiers and target audiences
  • Midwife entrepreneurship and partnership initiatives and programmes with relevant agents of development within the Country and across the world
Requirements of Advisor, Enterprise Competitiveness & Innovations
  1. The ideal candidate for this role is required to have extensive experience in the development community, both at the conceptual and practical levels
  2. Access into the world of strategic development innovations and initiatives, including the capacity for creating the methodology for adoption and applicability
  3. Demonstrated ability to gather information and data from different sources and creatively come up with transformational initiatives
  4. Minimum of Eight (8) years’ experience in similar role from an organization involved in societal transformational initiatives, managing business innovation and SME development
  5. Experience in project management
  6. Must be creative and analytical
  7. Excellent communication skills (oral & written)
Application Closed On
The application submission is closed on 07th May, 2013. Interested candidate should visit on the website http://jobs.wfmcentre.com/dawn/ to apply online.

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