10 Tips For A Good Interview

10 Tips For A Good Interview

1.) Nowadays almost all companies have Internet sites. Learn something about the company before going to an interview. But beware, do not show who knows too much about the company. Use this information to ask some questions about the company.

2.) List down all the questions you think you could make an interviewer. So prepare some answers and write them underneath the questions. Write the questions and answers will help you to remember them. Practice with someone the answers to these same questions.

3.) Think about your weaknesses. Should be prepared for it to make reference to an area in which your experience / knowledge have some flaws. If you are not asked, find a way to include this in the interview. Interviewers expect to hear him speak on its strengths, but do not expect to hear him talk of their weak points or "needs." They will appreciate your honesty, and will impress them. However, make sure that you disclose flaws that can be easily remedied.

4.) Read your CV and plan how to explain a "time lapse". For example, if you have a couple of months between leaving a job and start a new one, make sure you have a good explanation for what he did during the interim period between two jobs

5.) Make sure that your past academic or work, are discussed. So, be prepared to talk about specific accomplishments, better job description. Explain what you feel about a success or a failure. Feelings are important.

6.) Questions. Avoid questions that push the interviewer for an appointment - unless you are being interviewed for a sales job. Some good questions to raise are:
  • Can you tell me a little about the people who work in this team?
  • How often do people progress in the organization?
  • When can you expect a decision on the selection process?
7.) Use the verbs in the third person, avoid the "I", to talk about work. Avoid talking as if the work was already his. Do not ask: "What will be my salary per month?" Ask before: "What about the monthly salary for this position?”

8.) Find something positive about the company as you research the information collected on the Web site of the company, something which you feel the interviewer know how to answer and give you the opportunity to speak (proudly) about it.

9.) If you’re CV does not already have a picture make sure it takes a photo plus a CV with you to the interview. http://nbj4u.blogspot.com/2013/05/10-tips-for-good-interview.html

10.) If you do not know the exact location of the interview tries to leave an hour early to arrive on time. Regardless of a good excuse, just a delay gives a negative impression about you. If you can take a mobile phone. If you get stuck in the middle of traffic, you can at least warn the interviewer for his delay.

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