Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

If you want to change jobs, you will not miss work or possibilities, but probably have questions like "What kind of business right for me?" or “How can I feel comfortable in my service?”

In other words, looking corporate culture like that. In this file we explain exactly what does the concept 'corporate culture' and what she can find out about during the interview.

What is the corporate culture?

There are many definitions of CE, some simple, some more complicated. In the background, the EC is the way things work in the day to day business.

Features of the EC:
  • Develops throughout the history of the organization;
  • It has to do with values, norms, symbols and rituals;
  • It is created and maintained by the people of the company;
  • Constantly evolving;
  • It is difficult to change radically.
The Business Communication can mean the difference between feeling comfortable and go work contradicted. Usually the culture of a company is passed individually by your immediate superior and his colleagues. This is done both consciously and unconsciously.

You can find out what the EC of a company by asking yourself:
  • What are the 10 words you would use to describe the company?
  • Who is considered for a promotion?
  • What is the behavior that is appreciated and rewarded?
  • What type of people who feel good in the company?

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