Interpret ADS

Interpret ADS

Nowadays, job advertisements contain more information than at first appears. If you read between the lines will get a good idea of the place offered and the environment. We will help you decode the ads.

Information required on an ad

The drafters did not use a coded language. Some phrases are common to most ads.

The employer must provide the applicant with sufficient information regarding:
  1. Function type
  2. Requirements
  3. Workplace
Dynamic, flexible, proof stress
Do not be put off by the strong adjectives that appear in some ads. Generally have the same goal: they want a healthy and committed worker. Therefore, it is not necessary to be a champion to be considered suitable for the place.

While no company will refuse a person with experience and no degree, this role is often the first selection criterion. Will therefore have some leeway in this field. Experience may eventually replace the diploma, but not always.

Many ads indicate the age you want. If it is not in the targeted age group, but think that fits perfectly into the desired profile, and send the same CV emphasizing their experience in the field.

An employer may require language skills of candidates and test them.

You can prepare for the psychological tests. There are small books that can help you in this task. All costs of tests and examinations as part of a selection procedure shall be borne by the employer but usually travel expenses shall be borne by the candidate.

Hand written letter
Responsible for selecting some think they can uncover important insights into the character of the applicant by letter and hire a professional for this purpose.

Copies of diplomas, photographs...
The employer must keep these documents available to the candidate during a reasonable time. Not to say that the company has to give back everything, but it is advisable. Notarized copies of diplomas and certificates may be required at the time of recruitment.

The honesty of the employer
Fiction? Job advertisements 'dummy' in which companies present but not properly contain a vacancy is an old evil that is slowly disappearing.
The companies have no interest in putting ads fictitious because:
  1. ads are not cheap
  2. the letters of the candidates are too much work
The honesty of the candidate
A candidate shall work together in good faith in the selection procedure. Should give all the necessary data about your past academic and professional. May lie only if they are made illegal questions, but if that dishonesty lead to an employment contract, the lie can later be cause for dismissal.

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