Set up a list of demands and expectations regarding their employment and use the same criteria to classify their opportunities. What makes it work? Why does it work? Some people could not do without four weeks of vacation and do not even consider jobs that do not allow them to enjoy the beach in August.

Would you be willing to sacrifice weekends, week, salary or intellectual stimulus for that freedom? All these things could be considered as compensation - however, without the financial variable.

Before you start looking for a job, you have to figure out what you look for in work. And this is even before taking into account the position or the area in which it has in view. These are the values - key for you and your employer. If you can not answer these questions, then look for a dark corner away from external influences and try to figure out what really makes you happy, because that is who is willing to make commitments and what are their certainties. Many of these issues are difficult and easily declined to the background because they want a little laborious process. Some of these questions need to be answered by sources within the company; they are less concerned with the rigmarole of the lines of the company's marketing and more willing to let him in on their own petard. Proper preliminary preparations avoid frustration and waste of time needed while searching for a new job.

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