One of the first things you need to understand is that the workplace is not necessarily a place where one goes to make new friends. Of course it is always better you get along with your colleagues. If so, there are good indicators that your income, longevity in work and good feelings about work will be higher than otherwise.

Workers are not necessarily friends, are a set of people who were put together according to the needs of the employer. Friendships aside, you need to respect their colleagues, as well as to earn their respect. Need to rely on their abilities to do the same type of work you do.

Find a good job that matches their qualifications in terms of pay, benefits, intellectual challenge, timeliness, availability, and whatever you deem important is clearly the pinnacle of professional success. But you need to be patient and always be aware of their own strategic inflection points. A short term perspective leads to irrational behavior, and few people get rich by choosing the right time in the market.

Nobody guessed the future and no one has so far been able to create urn formula for success that clearly defines the process of planning a career leading to a desired end. http://nbj4u.blogspot.com/

There are too many variables in the market, the company, in personal life and in areas where you do not have any influence that contribute to make obsolete any career plan within ten years. Five years, however, a number is more operational long enough to be managed in terms of patience and transcend business cycles extensive, but short enough to require the plan to be flexible. Develop a career plan is not like writing a business plan or investment. There can be a static document and fixed. Should conform and react to changing conditions as the remaining variables change. Should be updated on a regular basis, and not thrown into the back of a drawer which will never be seen.

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