What you should know about the interviews?

What you should know about the interviews?

It is in interviews that everything is decided. Your CV can be fantastic and profile sought by the company, but if the interview will hardly go wrong with the job. Learn how to act in an interview and how to be prepared for the most complicated questions.


Always arrive on time for the interview. If you expect your potential employer at first contact, it can be concluded that it is very important to you or that a person is sloppy.

A good excuse for the delay: - If you arrive late, you should have a very good excuse to justify its delay. A traffic jam or dwellings are hard to find excuses. 

When you go to an interview application is supposed to have unforeseen circumstances and be prepared, and time for them. If even so late, apologize but do not overdo it. 

There Candidates arriving five minutes late and staying 15 minutes apologizing.

Arriving early is not a good idea: - Arriving early is not the best option because it is being a burden to the receptionist and will seem too eager. 

If done wrong bills, go take another lap or coffee and never drink alcohol. A glass of wine or beer can have a relaxing effect, but also adverse effects on the breath to the image that the interviewer will get you. http://nbj4u.blogspot.com/

Cold and heat: - If it is too cold and arrives early to enjoy warm hands quietly. So, there will have to greet the interviewer with a cold hand. Also in the middle of a heatwave should arrive early. 

You can use the extra time to go to the bathroom washing hands and freshen up. This prevents the first contact with a sweaty hand and sticky.

The great moment of the day: - Make the interview the principal moment of the day. Ie, provide time and do not check other meetings near his interview that they do so constantly be looking at the clock. 

It would not do and his nervousness would transpire.

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