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If your purpose is actually to increase your salary, the best strategy is to change jobs. If you are employed, the odds of receiving a large increase are relatively small. The largest increases in terms of retribution come from changing jobs, and not to stay with the same employer, to receive corresponding increases to the rising cost of living, year after year.

The finding that employers are at risk of losing their best employees to highest bidder can be alarming for all employers. After all loyalty is unfortunately an occurrence increasingly rare and relies more on compensation than on any sense of debt or longevity of the relationship.

The future workplace will be characterized by: prevalence of high levels of stress, organizations increasingly horizontal, large percentage of the annual salary varies according to the performance of the company, employees who take greater responsibility for their own careers. This preview is already beginning to show it true. Mass layoffs associated with the increase in population and the constant technological changes create a very competitive environment and forced even the largest companies and the state, which were considered safe workplaces, then a way of becoming more flexible operations. http://nbj4u.blogspot.com/2013/05/why-look-for-new-job.html

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