SPDC Vacancy for Team Lead - Standards - New Initiatives & Strategy

SPDC Vacancy for Team Lead - Standards - New Initiatives & Strategy

Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDCNL) is recruiting to the role of Team Lead,Standards,New Initiatives & Strategy in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

Job ID: F36953

Responsibilities of Team Lead, Standards, New Initiatives & Strategy:
  • Lead structured process of scanning the operating environment to identify emerging stakeholder issues and non-technical risks across SEPCiN and developing innovative responses that helps to sustain business operations and keep Shell ahead of competition
  • Coordinate multi-disciplinary plug-in to the Sustainable Development & Community Relations (SDCR) business delivery framework across SEPCiN to ensure alignment with business priorities and Shell Group HSSE & SP framework
  • Serve as authorised person in social performance for development of Country level SI & DRD strategy & plan in line with HSSE & SP framework
  • Develop and manage structured processes for maturing new initiatives and innovative improvement on existing processes to enhance business value realisation and contribute to reputation
  • Develop framework for community interface management for new business opportunities within SCiN and co-ordinate multidisciplinary input to ensure effective management of the strategy
  • Provide SP and SD functional leadership and guidance to Remediation,Oil spill response,pipeline surveillance,and Community content teams to ensure full integration of SD/SP in these business activities.
  • Manage deployment of SDCR policies and procedures and its application across SEPCiN business functions to ensure consistency
  • Develop and manage structured process for preparation and periodic update of Social Performance strategy/plans for the Assets/oilfields in line with Group SP requirements
  • Drive GMoU maturation & renewals to ensure deployment/renewals align with business priority.
  • Manage the integration of GMoU framework with key business processes and activities (CR,pipeline surveillance,community content etc) to provide single platform for community interface across SEPCiN
  • Develop a systematic institutional capacity building programme for members of community trusts and cluster development boars to equip them with skills to manage the implementation of community led development programmes and conflict resolution activities under the GMoU
  • Coordinate SDCR and other non-technical teams deliverables in the implementation of community interdependency projects to ensure synergy
  • Drive the preparation of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) and Chance Find Procedures to safeguard cultural heritage in situations where major projects or production operations results in physical and/or economic displacement of people
  • Drive continuous improvement in the delivery of SDCR services to internal stakeholders (Project,Asset,Remediation,Environment,BOM s etc) through periodic feedback and reviews
  • Lead the review and update SDCR policy and procedures to ensure continuous alignment with HSSE & SP Framework,Shell Group business processes (SGBP,ORP,Gift & Hospitality etc) and applicable external frameworks such as the IFC Performance standards,Equator principles etc
Requirements of this role:
  1. Demonstrate ability to identify and focus on priorities
  2. Ability to work under pressure and excellent organisational skills
  3. Solid leadership, strategic thinking and problem solving skills
  4. High degree of flexibility and accountability in order to respond to changing business environment
  5. Good understanding of the processes required for developing and monitoring strategic plans
  6. Ability to work with a variety of other stakeholders
  7. Must be of very high integrity and possess excellent interpersonal skills, with good track record
  8. Must have excellent networking skills and ability to communicate effectively
The application will open until 30th June, 2013.

How to apply?
Willing candidates are click here to apply online to this position.

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