Well Engineer Jobs at Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited - 3 Positions

Well Engineer Jobs at Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited - 3 Positions

Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDCNL) is recruiting to the role of Well Engineer in Port Harcourt and Rivers, Nigeria. There three (3) vacancies are available to this position.

Job ID: F36160

Responsibilities of Well Engineer:
  • Safety in design and programming in particular process safety.
  • Ensure well design is robust to handle relevant well control incidents.
  • Finalise detailed well design including final well trajectory,accurate casing setting depths,drilling fluids program and cementing program to ensure wells objectives will be met.
  • Carry out torque drag and hydraulics calculations,design drilling assemblies to verify that the well is within rig capabilities and optimise drilling performance.
  • Compiles detailed drilling program to achieve business performance objectives (Cost,results and schedule).
  • Comply with Policies,standards and procedures,use approved IT tools in developing final design and drilling program.
  • Identify and implement ideas to improve performance by repeating best composite well times,reducing NPT,using of new techniques/technologies and modifying procedures.
  • Estimates AFE well cost.
  • Orders equipment and services using SAP.
  • Monitor time and cost performance.
  • Compile end of well report.
Requirements of this role:
  1. A professional engineer with a university degree in a relevant engineering or science discipline.
  2. A minimum of 7 years experience in well delivery function, commercial and contracting and technology activities
  3. Valid IWCF certification
  4. Possess highly developed technical skills enhanced by theoretical and practical knowledge of the well delivery process
  5. Good analytical, communication and writing skills, with PC fluency and familiarity with drilling engineering software.
  6. Excellent proficiency in English language, both in speech and in writing.
The application will open until 30th June, 2013.

How to apply?
Willing candidates are click here to apply online to this position.

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