A unique answer to the question: Why do you want to work here?

A unique answer to the question: Why do you want to work here?

"Why do you want to work for this company?"

A standard application question whose answer seems logical. Eventually, you are interested in the position and the employer is looking for a new employee. Where can you draw

But precisely because the answer seems very logical, the question is underestimated by many applicants.

Answers like "because I want to earn money" or "because I want a job" are not uncommon. A missed opportunity, because with such statements you do not separate yourself and you do not impress the employer.

Turn the table around. As an employer, why would you ask the applicant this question?

Why-do-you- want-to-work-here

Why is the question being asked?

The question is asked for two reasons. First, the employer can use the question of whether you have prepared well or not. Do you know what you are talking about? Are you familiar with products and services? Do you know which features are important for the organization?

Also, based on your answer, the employer can determine whether you are really interested in the position and the company. The answer tells you a lot about the motivation to work for the company.
In 2 steps for a unique answer

The question "Why do you want to work here?" Suggests that you as an applicant should describe the added value of the company (what are the benefits to you). Although it is always good to receive a compliment, the employer ultimately does not get help from it.

The trick is to respond in such a way that you can eventually show your added value to the company. You can do this by incorporating your personal motivations into the answer.

A unique answer, therefore, consists of the following parts:

1: Discussing your personal objectives (intrinsic motivation).
2: Linking the company's own personal objectives with (relevant) attributes.

Endless possible answers

Both people and companies are unique. Everyone has their own personal objectives and each company has its own characteristics. So by combining these two, you can give a unique answer for every situation.

1. Personal Motive

What drives you? Why are you applying for this position? Where do you get energy from? what is your passion? What are your ambitions? And what makes your blood flow faster?

By answering these questions, try to get a clear picture of your personal objectives. Differentiate between the factors that motivate you to externally or internally. Salaries and bonuses are examples of external motivation. Passion, recognition, and self-development are examples of intrinsic motivation.

To answer the question "Why do you want to work here?" It is recommended to focus on the factors that motivate you internally.

Intrinsic motivation directly translates into a benefit for the employer. This leads to high productivity, commitment, dedication, and job satisfaction. So this is the ideal way to impress during a job interview.

2. Link with relevant features

As soon as you know what your personal objectives are, the work is to relate them to many features of the organization. Think about products, services, processes, corporate cultures or philosophies.

To formulate a strong answer, you need to research the company. Go to the company's website and use social media to know the company from inside.
Focus on unique features

During your research, try to pay attention to the unique features of the company. Such characteristics are the building blocks of the organization. Employees take pride and use them to spread the company's vision.

Make the top 5 of specific characteristics that contribute significantly to the success of the organization. Choose two or three that you think are important and then describe how characteristics contribute to following your personal objectives.

Two examples to get you started.

Example: creative person - open corporate culture

My two strongest abilities are creative thinking and innovative work. From an early age, I have been urged to think and act outside the box. This insistence led to an innovative improvement of the production process at my previous employer (a 20% increase against a 5% increase in production).

I need space to bring out my two strongest abilities. The open corporate culture in your organization provides the freedom and motivation I need to come up with creative solutions to complex issues.

Example: seller - unique product

The combination of helpfulness and customer focus ensures that I get a lot of energy from helping people adequately with a product that I fully support (Product X). Just the idea of selling Product X with Feature A and Feature B makes my heart beat fast!

A unique answer

A unique answer to the question "Why do you want to work here" starts with yourself. Identify your personal objectives and see what intrinsically inspires you. Then combine your intentions with the company's features and leave an unforgettable impression!

What is the best answer you have given to this question so far? What was the result of your answer? Let us know in a comment!

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