5 Recommended Startup Inspirational Books that should be used as Reading Material

5 Recommended Startup Inspirational Books that should be used as Reading Material

5 recommended startup inspirational books that should be used as reading material - Reading startup inspiration books can be your choice of productive weekend activities.


This business has many benefits for us. Starting with being more creative to help us reduce stress.


In addition to Mindfulness Books, many people nowadays also enjoy reading fiction books. However, if you're not in the mood to read two types of books, there are other options you can try.


Gleps recommends gaining new knowledge by reading motivational startup books.


From there, you will be introduced to new knowledge to find ideas for building a business for the startup building process.



Are you curious about book recommendations? Come on, see below.


1. Zero to One (2014): Peter Thiel


The first recommendation for a startup inspiration book comes from Zero to One by Peter Thiel.


The book released in 2014 is still one of the inspirational books that can inspire many people to start and build a business.


In this book, the PayPal co-founder explains that there is a skill that is more important and that every leader should master it.


It is not leadership or other technical skills that need to be mastered, but the ability to think for oneself.


In addition, Peter Thiel also explained how to find the best ideas for building a business.


For a company to thrive, the idea must be innovative and never tried by anyone else.



2. The Lean Startup (2011): Eric Ries


Lean Startup is also a must-read for those of you who are interested in trying to build a startup.


Eric Ries has shared his experience in creating and developing startups over the years.


Not only by sharing experiences, but this author has also come up with a new method that can reduce the cost of failures that usually occur in startups.


In fact, many startups go bankrupt relatively quickly. However, it can be prevented from implementing some specific business strategies.


At The Lean Startup, Eric Rise explains that there is a special approach that can change the way you build a business and launch a product.



3. From Idea to Reality (2019): Jean Paul Paulynice


Many people are always hesitant when they want to try to build a business. Actually, before starting a business, you should prepare a thorough plan.


Through this book, readers will be directed to stay focused on creating an action plan for the company so that it can develop well.


Jean Paul Paulnis is a business strategist who has successfully built his business for years.


In Idea to Reality, he explains what it takes to take concrete actions to start a business.


You will receive lots of tips, advice and advice and the best way to strategize so that your business can grow and succeed.



4. The Startup Owner's Manual (2012): Steve Blank and Bob Dorf


An inspirational book on the next startup that Glink suggests is The Startup Startups Manual.


As the title suggests, this book will actually describe the startup phases of a startup from the very beginning to the development process.


In fact, this book is said to be like an encyclopedia that contains all the details to build a successful startup.


So for those of you who are beginners and ordinary people in business, you will get a lot of new information from this book.


The Startup Owner's Manual also includes a comprehensive list of trade terms so you don't get confused by reading them.



5. The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster (2015): Darren Hardy


The title of this book says little about the contents of Darren Hardy's book.


This book is also very inspiring because it will discuss the types of failures that can affect a practitioner.


Many people say they are afraid of trying to do business because they run the risk of failure.


However, through this book, you can learn what risks you should face when building a business and how to deal with bankruptcy.


The entrepreneurial rollercoaster focuses on the emotional journey of failure in business and coping with adversity.


However, the calm in this book also describes how to motivate yourself to go through tough times while doing business.


They were startup recommended books that hopefully could inspire you to try and start your own business.


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