5 Discipline to Ensure Your Success in 2021

5 Discipline to Ensure Your Success in 2021

2020 is not a difficult year, but a very difficult one.

We were all dealing with things we weren't used to.

While some of us have succeeded in 2020, some of us have performed below our true potential.

Now is the time to look forward.

In this article, I would like to talk about the 5 disciplines that will guarantee your success in 2021.

These 5 topics will allow you to perform better, increase your confidence, and positively influence your results.

Tell me your discipline and I'll tell you what your 2021 results will be.

The approach leads people to success or failure in every field.

Attitudes begin to form with thoughts. Thoughts activate emotions and emotions activate behavior. 

Regular behavior (which we call these disclaimers) affects your beliefs, self-esteem, and success.

Getting up and running or walking in the morning three days a week is a discipline.

Getting up on your own and having breakfast every morning is a discipline.

Reading 15-page books every night is discipline.

It is a discipline to call and ask the elders twice a week.

The funny thing is that doing all of these things is also a discipline. Inactivity is a negative attitude.

After all, we are approaching HABITS in everyday life. However, there is a significant difference between habit and discipline.

The word discipline is not considered a pleasant word in Nigeria and in our culture. On the contrary, DISCIPLINE is a term that everyone escapes.

From the early days of secondary school, our teachers have always threatened us with "discipline". When we hear the word discipline, we run away on the 3-day road.

In our country, the term discipline is actually a learned helplessness syndrome. The word DISCIPLINE, which scares us, actually has a completely different meaning. DISCIPLINE is the Latin word for " Disciplinus Discipline".


What discipline will you need in 2021?

If you are not satisfied with your performance and results in 2020, if you plan to continue the same habits in 2021 and expect a different result, I remind you of a phrase from a precious scientist, Albert Einstein. "By doing the same thing nothing can expect different results, but crazy!"

I would say 5 disciplines that will allow you to be successful in 2021. It is up to you which of them to experiment again. If you have a 2021 goal and you set it briefly. If you have written at least 7 good reasons to reach this goal, you are guaranteed to reach your 2021 goal in the middle. The remaining 50% of your success will be achieved by your subjects.

1. Do 30 Minutes of Real Estate Market Research Every Day

Having updated information builds trust. This offers the opportunity to easily answer questions from buyers and sellers. These days, your customers are frequent and ask you "What is the market doing?"

Your customers will want to have as much access to research and information as possible to target their investments. If you have a hard time answering your clients' questions about the dynamics of the real estate market, or if your answer goes through and if there is an unsatisfactory answer, then your clients won't like working with you.

Experienced and well-equipped consultants are more likely to convince their clients. So if you want to boost your performance in 2021. Spend 30 minutes every day on market research. You can easily follow the prices in your area, which properties are being processed, and the region's expectations on the internet. For this, it is useful to follow some websites.

You can follow tenancy law provisions, bond law, new regulations, construction industry trends, and Maggie Eaglemage for business rules.

30 minutes a day is enough.

Knowledge provides trust, trust makes it easy for you to act.

2. Tracking Tracking

Keeping Your Promises Whatever you have to follow, don't skip any next week. Do it and that's it.

The habit of procrastinating is the most important reason you fail. Don't move because you will do your job another day.

Look for someone to influence one by one. These calls require starting a wallet, not creating a wallet. Our success in real estate consultancy is directly proportional to the relationship we start with our environment. Every 10 new themes will give you 1 contract. The more you interact with them, the sooner you begin to see the benefits.

Your following is also important in field studies. Interviews with trademarks in your area will offer you many new opportunities. If you stop following your territory, they will easily forget you. It takes effort, time, and money to restore this bond. In order not to waste your efforts, you should definitely not neglect your field.

Continuing your fieldwork at regular intervals gives you properties for sale and for rent at unexpected times. If you have more branches in your area and if you follow well, you will see an increase in the number of your monthly transactions. Your branch may tear or bend due to weather conditions. More importantly, it can be outdated. These problematic tarps hurt both your brand and you.

If you've promised your buyers and sellers what to do, do it immediately. At the end of the day, don't quit the job that requires the next day.

do not be lazy. Do it and that's it. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting all your work done and going home!

3. Document Your Day on Social Media

Share on social media at least 2-3 times a day in your daily workflow. These posts will be your social proof. This test is followed with interest by your client and other real estate consultants. It's a simple but effective way to stand out from the competition.

Post a story or scene on each of your works on Facebook or Instagram. for example; You went to your area and started working. Just shoot a short video and a short video and share what you intend to do. Or take a photo and share it.

You're doing market research in the office, take a picture of yourself working right now and share it. What are you working on? What are you looking for? What will you do with this information? People are always wondering how to learn them.

Solid social media evidence is a very effective way to convince buyers and sellers. Every day 2-3 photos or videos you share will quickly increase your number of followers. Every post you post shows that you work as if you are a real estate professional who disciplines your work.

This way, you will promote and advertise yours.

4. Make Your Phone Call

I think this discipline is the most important. It is a discipline that directly affects your daily phone calls. Don't ignore it at all. Spend at least 2-3 hours a day on phone calls. 80% of these calls are cold calls. 20% is a follow-up call.

The first step that will allow you to be successful in these missions is the test. Allow enough time for telephone tests. Your rehearsal planning gives you a lot of confidence in dating and face-to-face meetings.

The dialog box you use in your phone call is very important. If you want to impress the other party on a phone call, pay attention to your voice and what you say. Don't call when you're not feeling well. Your mood will be reflected by your sweet voice as you speak.

Don't overdo the phone calls. Set your goal before picking up the phone, and as soon as you reach your destination, end the call slowly and move on to the next call.

The consultant, who opens 100-120 phones a week, definitely reaches the 2021 target. Consultants who make fewer than 70 calls are counted on the spot.

Enjoy the discipline of phone calls too. If you are unhappy and dissatisfied with doing this, immediately hire someone to make these phone calls. A candidate who worked in a call center will change your success like day and night.

5. Invest 30 Minutes Every Day in Your Education

Learning new information keeps trust alive and well. The learning brain is not easily exhausted. This gives a strong reminder. Information gives you confidence in most places. Reading and learning new things regularly promotes creativity.

All the things you should read are not about real estate. Just read books to improve yourself.

The training courses you will be involved in are also very important. There are hundreds of forums that provide training on the Internet. You can get an education on many subjects. Sales, marketing, social media, branding, budgeting, body language, reporting, Google advertising, website building, blogging techniques.

Maintain discipline to improve yourself. Take 30 minutes every day to invest in yourself. Thanks to this training investment, every day will be better.

What will Your new Discipline be in 2021?

I have written for you the 5 most important disciplines that will lead you to success and your goals in 2021. Now it's your turn. Think about it, besides what you wrote, what topics will you apply?

If you can apply these subjects regularly, 2021 will be completed successfully in all circumstances. Make no mistake about it!

Remember, the only thing that will lead you to success and provide the life you want is not what you think, but what you do.

The universe rewards only your actions. Not your idea!

Think of yourself as an athlete preparing for the Olympics. You have to run in the Olympics, your preparation should be complete and complete. You have to work with discipline and enjoy what you do. If not, you may be in the wrong industry.

Remember, life is very short and precious. Don't let your old age pass with regrets.

I wish you a successful and exciting week.

Trust is active


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