5 predictions of HRD trends in 2021, important for employee welfare!

5 predictions of HRD trends in 2021, important for employee welfare!

Being a very popular industry, employers await a forecast of HRD trends for 2021.

While much of this trend has been predicted, there are some new methods that lead to the optimization of large companies.

So, what are some of the HRD trends you should expect next year? Check out the full list in the thumbnail summary below!


1. Ethical leadership

Launch of the HR Trend Institute page, the main trend in HRD in 2021 is the use of ethical leadership methods.

This type of leadership is considered to be the solution to the big problems that often occur in large companies, namely old age, and a toxic workplace.

So far, according to experts, the HRD departments of many organizations have not been able to provide the right solution to these barriers.

As a result, many customers, employees, and candidates are reluctant to devote their hard work to companies that teach toxic behavior.

Now, with a leadership mechanism maintained by ethical leadership, the HRD team hopes to be able to solve problems with common sense.

2. Critical anti-personality

Subsequently, for the next year, HRD workers are expected to focus on candidates who have a critical opponent.

What, what, what does this word mean? Therefore, the anti-weak personality is a personality form that is flexible and does not give up easily.

Why is a critical opponent important? Businesses need employees of this nature in times of crisis.

This thinking was adopted when the Covid-19 epidemic managed to undermine the progress experienced by many companies.

However, HRD is not just about finding employees who have an antagonistic critical personality. They also need to enhance this personality for all employees.

3. The home becomes an office

By adopting digital HR technology, the trend of HRD in 2021 is to introduce new policies related to WFH.

After the outbreak of the Kovid-19 virus, companies were required to keep their employees.

However, so far, the epidemic crisis is not over. Therefore, the WFH regulations are unlikely to be repealed in such a short time.

Therefore, in order for employees to feel as healthy and motivated to work as in the workplace, the HRD department has a new policy on work from home.


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4. Hiring Employees

In fact, upscaling is nothing new to employees.

However, as time goes by, employees obviously need new skills that can increase their productivity.

Businesses need to be assisted after the decline in training capabilities, as well as respond to organizations' needs for ways to cope with the increasingly modern world.

Approximately, what are the skills to be used by the company's HRD department as subsistence material? Here are some examples:

  • Data literacy
  • Business skills
  • Digital integration
  • Digital literacy
  • Financial literacy

5. Expand the parity values

The year 2020 addresses a number of issues regarding diversity and differences in the environment and workplace.

Therefore, according to GetHow Now, the spread of parity values in HRD will be a trend for 2021.

This issue is difficult to consider, however, as there are many statistics that support the importance of equality in the business environment.

Following research conducted by the World Bank. According to him, gender equality in the workplace has brought global economic growth to 120 trillion euros.

Additionally, research by McKinsey suggests that gender and racial differences within a team can increase a company's profits by 21% to 33%.

These are the five things that should become a trend in the HRD world in 2021.

In short, all of these HRD trends were predicted in relation to the previous crisis as a result of the company's optimization plans.

From epidemics to diversification problems, the HRD team is the company's weapon to solve existing problems.

Therefore, even if their work is heavy, their role in employee well-being is enormous.

Still, there are many other cool things you can see about fashion in the HRD industry.

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