5 Important Tips for a New Career in the New Year

5 Important Tips for a New Career in the New Year

Many people who have lost their jobs due to an epidemic and are unhappy with their job are planning a career change. CNBC News Shows 5 Tips for a Successful Career Transition


The coronavirus epidemic has dealt a severe blow to the economy of millions of workers. In the United States alone, 20 million Americans were out of work as of December.


Many industries such as travel, hotel management, and leisure industries still operate with limited opportunities. Many unemployed will enter the New Year with the hope of new opportunities and career changes.


In the Challenger, Gray & Christmas research, it was reported that in the second half of 2020, around 20% of job seekers moved from one sector to another or were appointed to new positions. The rate increased by 15% compared to the first quarter of the year.



In CNBC news, career coaches Ariel Lopez and Latesha Bird gave 5 important tips for making a successful career change in 2021:


Make sure what you want

Latasha Bryd, managing director of the Chaser Members Club, president of the Career Development Group, says that before submitting your resume to any vacant position, you need to clarify what you really want in your career.


To do this, make a list of the things you like and don't want to do the way Bryd suggests. This should include various important signals such as the work environment in which you are most successful, the type of team you want to work in, and the general culture of the consumer.


"It's a good idea to know your non-negotiable values," says Bryd, which could include your target monthly income and expected benefits from your new job.


Upgrade your professional brand equity


Once you've decided in which industry or position you want to fill, according to Brides and Lopez, your resume and online presence are key to a successful career transition.


CEO Ariel Lopez, who recruited Platform Knack, said: "All your data, such as your resume, LinkedIn profile, and social media error bio, must be consistent and show everything you can create. this transition process. "


For example, if you are working as a program manager in the finance industry and your goal is to become a product manager in technology, Lopez recommends that you research technology companies and see what you want to see in a job description. This way, you can indicate what your company is looking for in your resume.


Lopez also recommended that others working in the areas where the transition is being attempted be shown on a LinkedIn profile. According to Lopez, all of this information would be extremely useful, from the words he used to describe his experiences to the training he received in his vocational training units. The career coach says "make a chart of what your resume should look like and how you should communicate with other employees."


Try to understand essential education and teachings


Do your research while updating your personal brand value, says Byrd, and you need to speak honestly to yourself if you have the education and training to be a successful cheater. If you are in need of new talent, a career coach recommends planning how much time, energy, and financial resources are required to acquire these skills.


Several online education platforms, including Coursera and Udacity, are now offering free lectures and technology training to people closed due to the outbreak. Additionally, tech giant Google is offering 100,000 scholarships for data analytics, project management, and online user experience certification programs.


Communicate your skills effectively that you can transfer


When you are looking for a career change, it is important to clarify why you left your field, as well as to effectively transfer your professional relocation experiences.


Byrd said that communication, customer service, customer relationships, problem-solving, and innovative thinking are important values for every field and you should incorporate your skills into your resume and interviews.


The career coach said: "At the end of the day we all work with people, whether they be clients, management units, or team members. It is extremely important to show your ability to get people used to it, solve problems, and bring new ideas to the table. thinking creatively and innovatively ".

Don't hesitate to create a professional network


Although networking has become very different from most people, it is being used due to the outbreak, notes one bird, that this shouldn't dissuade job seekers from trying to make new connections.


By saying that networking has become everything, the career coach points to LinkedIn as the key. In addition to attending corporate organizations and attending virtual conferences and events, Byrd says you should review your current LinkedIn connections to see if you already know who works in the industry or work. You are in a relationship with someone you want to change.


The career coach said, "Don't be afraid to go private. Talk to other people who are making career changes to refresh your self-esteem and make sure it's possible."


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