Tips for making New Year's resolutions

Tips for making New Year's resolutions

Do you have a resolution for next year? If you haven't, you can't, you can follow the tips and make New Year resolutions.

This resolution isn't just about personal development, you know. You can also enter your job and career goals for the next year.

What are the suggestions? Check out the explanation below, yes!


Tips for making New Year's resolutions

1. Use the smart method

The SMART method is an easy way to set goals. Well, by launching the New York Times, you can apply this method when making New Year's resolutions, you know.

For those of you who don't understand SMART, this means:

  • Specific, of course, choose "I want to walk every day" instead of "I want to live a healthy life"
  • On average, "I want my weight to be 50 kilograms" instead of "I want to gain weight"
  • If significant expenses are still high, do not aim for achievable and very substantial savings
  • Relevant, choose the one that suits you, not just with it
  • Don't plan to lose 10kg of weight in a time limit, 1 week, give it a healthy and realistic time

2. Start small

In fact, the resolution should be great and kick your habits. However, don't let your determination get too big so it's hard to do it.

Take a resolution you know you can do. Avoid making plans that are too complicated and difficult to make, unless you have a hard time making them.

3. Turn goals into practical steps

For example, X makes a resolution "wants to reduce social media frequency". The plan was written on the agenda and X had always thought about it.

Unfortunately, this plan had to fail. One reason is the lack of clear and concrete steps.

This might be different if X had modified the offer to make it more practical. The change is for example "play on social media for up to one hour a day". It's easier to measure and do than ever.

The suggestions for making this new year's resolution were presented by Harvard Health.

4. Learn from the past

He said that Anubhav is one of the best teachers. This experience also includes not reaching a solution, you know.

Therefore, you can preview this year's resolutions and make New Year's resolutions.

Something failed to complete? If so, why can this happen?

Your mistakes could be lessons for next year's good intentions.

5. Add the things you like

You're definitely more easily drawn to the resolution you like, so, Inc. said, you can make your passion one of your goals for next year.

If you really have your passion, try developing it again. Remember, there is always room for improvement.

6. Don't do too much

Tips for making good resolutions after the New Year are similar to the "start small" point.

When planning, avoid writing too much. Keep the number high so you don't feel intimidated or even lazy because they're too pretentious.

Remember, you can't change habits overnight. All it takes is the process. So, don't burden yourself with too many requests, ok!

7. Don't forget about career offers

The new year isn't just a place for new personal development, you know. This can also be the right time for career development.

The choices themselves can vary, you know. It is not limited to the question of status and even nominal wages.

By quoting the Muse, you can learn new skills other than your current career, read books that can support your career, and so on.

Plus, there are many other ways to develop a career, you know. You can read the information in the newsletter of the Glints blog.

Pssst, there is also the latest and most reliable news on the world of work. You can get it all for free. So, don't delay, sign up now, come on!

There are many ways and tips for making New Year resolutions. Don't delay anymore, start planning your resolution, ok!


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