When asked about the future 5-year plan, here's how to answer!

When asked about the future 5-year plan, here's how to answer!

Preparing to answer questions about future five-year career plans is quite a chore. Also, if you remember these questions, it's almost all job interviews. Appears in

The HRD representative or user who asks usually wants to know what your goal is in five years and what you are willing to do to achieve it.

If you don't prepare an answer, you may be too enthusiastic and interesting, or you may have nothing to apply for a job.

To avoid this, follow the tips below, come on!


Answers to suggestions

1. Express your interest

One answer that is asked in a five-year recruitment interview is whether your interest matches the situation you are applying for.

For example, in 5 years you want to become a digital marketing analyst and be interested in learning more about this field.

Now, when you are applying to become a social media administrator, this answer reflects your interest, but always based on the interest and situation for which it is applied.

2. Attach job details

Responses to the introduction of the law and job descriptions are also important.

Take on what you intend to become and plan to attend seminars, courses, etc. in the coming years.

This way, the recruiter will know if you will continue to actively contribute to the company, as well as fulfill your wishes.

3. Imagine what you want to develop from this situation

When you want to answer, try to imagine what you want from this situation, what skills can be developed, etc.

Include them in your answers to interview questions about your plans for the next 5 years.

Suppose you want to be A and you need X, Y, and Z to get to this position.

That said, HRD will also know if they can provide these services to continue supporting your career in the future.

Avoid the answers

It is also important to know that when starting an interview When asked about the next five-year plan, what is the answer? Here are some things to avoid:

1. Make the business just one step

The answer you should avoid by saying that you only have a short plan in the company makes it a step of all kinds.

In fact, you probably like it. However, this answer will question the recruiter.

This is because, when a company hires someone, it needs to spend resources, time, and spend on a new employee.

Therefore, they need candidates who intend to stay with them for a long time.

2. Don't prepare for the future

If you are confused about what the answer is in the interview when asked about your plans for the next 5 years, that doesn't mean you can answer "I don't know".

Such an answer will make you feel that you don't care about the future or that you have no desire.

Take a few seconds to digest the question, then try to answer what you think is right.

3. Reply to those who are very enthusiastic

It is good to be ambitious because it will be easier for you to grow and develop.

However, being overly enthusiastic can make you feel ready to do whatever you want.

Provide answers that indicate that you want to reach a position, but also know that there are many steps to take.

Example answer

Examples of answering questions about career plans for the next 5 years vary from case to case.

However, NBJ4U will provide an example so you can get a better idea of the type of responses you want to create.

You can try to answer: "First of all, I want to be more and more familiar with this area.

After 1 year of work, maybe I will start training to increase my knowledge and gain experience.

If I have gone through so many stages, the hope is that I can at least be considered to fulfill my dream later on. "

This response follows the process and also the goals you want to achieve, without any enthusiasm.

They answer questions about plans for the next 5 years and examples of how to avoid suggestions and conversations.

Hopefully useful, yes!

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