NYIF Login Application form 2021successful candidates / nyif.nmfb.com.ng Registration Portal 2021/2022

NYIF Login Application form 2021successful candidates / nyif.nmfb.com.ng Registration Portal 2021/2022

nyif.nmfb.com.ng/NYIF Application Form 2021 successful candidates |Registration Portal 2021/2022

Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) recruitment and online application that targets to assist small businesses especially farmers in Nigeria who are being threatened by the recession, economic hardship is here.

Over N165,700,000 worth of loans has been disbursed to over 239 beneficiaries so far. Remember that over 3 million applicants applied for the loan and the fund is being disbursed through Nirsal.

More beneficiaries will be added more, because over N75 billion Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) has been approved

Note that this is a programme that seeks to invest in youth, that’s why it’s tagged youth involvement fund. For any applicant to be considered worthy to receive this grant, he or she must have come of age or be in the age bracket 18 to 35 years of age.

Check: Npower Batch C Shortlisted List is Out

Application for this 2021 tranche reopens . Thereafter, successful applicants will continue to be notified in batches and invited for the next processes that will lead to loan disbursement to qualified applicants.

When submitting your application online you are all advised to kindly exercise some little patience like waiting a little while for the computer system to process their registration online.

Secondly we are made to understand that the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund second phase application is currently being processed with SMS and emails being sent out to applicants in batches

application is ongoing.

NYIF Application Portal was established so as to capture youth that needs the Nigerian federal government grant so as to revive their businesses, help keep their staff engaged rather than relieve them of their Job.

Nigeria Youth who are lucky enough to be selected as winner or finalist will get N250,000 – N5,000,000. What are you waiting for? Access the portal right away and start applying.

Requirements for NYIF Application Form

  • Your BVN Number is needed
  • Your full Names also needed
  • Your Business information is needed
  • Age requirement for this year application is 18-35 years
  • NYIF application is for male and female applicants.

Who is Eligible for NYIF Registration Funds?

  1. As long as you are a Nigerian of age 18 to 35 years of age.
  2. You should have an Approved FMYSD EDIs Training Certificate
  3. You should also operate a business.
  4. Your business should have a comprehensive business plan
  5. Your business should be registered.
  6. Your business should have a TIN.

See those who are not considered eligible for NYIF Registration :

  1. If you have ever benefited from NMFB grants or loans.
  2. Government have various empowerment scheme so beneficiaries aren’t allowed to apply for NYIF Registration
  3. Those who don’t have an identity card, local Government certificate,s, etc.
  4. Those with criminal records won’t be allowed.

How NYIF Application is Done?

Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) recruitment is free and can be done online. To start your application follow this link:

Check out the Web page here 


Enter this URL on your browser so as to login to your profile account

Please follow the steps we are giving here according. If you encounter any problem please use the comment section to notify us.

Next, you have to

Select the center closest to you.

Indicate how you come across these grants.

You are to fill in your Middle Name, Last name, and BVN

Now finally accept the terms of this application.

You can now submit your application if you feel satisfied submitting the application.


List of Successful Candidates for the 2021 Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF)

The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) list of shortlisted candidates will be released in no distance time, so keep calm as we update the page.

Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) team will shortly contact those who are shortlisted either via SMS or through their mailbox used to apply for this programme.

What is NYIF?

National Youth Investment Fund. It meant to empower our youth and keep their business up and running.

Is NYIF for Individuals or Registered Companies?

NYIF is best suited for a registered business that meets all requirements will quickly access the funds rather than just an individual.

How many times can I register for NYIF?

Each time the portal is activated, you can apply just once but once you become beneficiaries you won’t be allowed to apply again.

How are NYIF participants trained?

A convenient means of impacting the best practices as regards business training will be done using various channels. One of these channels is via WhatsApp groups and other social media sites

Is Nigeria Youth Investment Fund legit?

Is NYIF real or fake? this is what Nigerians are asking.
You might have received emails offering you free grants but which turns out to be a scam, but this time The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund is legit, it is not fake.
It is a scheme that has been endorsed by the Federal Government, the central bank of Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, etc.

Is Nigeria Youth Investment Fund a loan?

Absolutely Nigerian youth investment fund is a loan given out to business owners to keep them up and running so as to keep the economy alive.

How do I log into the NYIF portal?

Are you a registered user already? If yes, To log in to your profile you need to click on this link here. “https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/ApplicantDashboard/Business/Login”
Enter your details such as username and password

What is the website for NYIF?

The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund website is “https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/Applicants/New”
That’s the official website approved by the government

Is NYIF a loan or grant?

So many Nigerians are asking if NYIF is a loan or a grant.
To set the record straight the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) is a loan that comes with an interest rate of 5%.

How can I access the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund?

To access the Nigerian youth investment fund, you need to sign up for the program and if you are qualified to receive the fund you will be notified via SMS and a step will be sent to you to update your account and other details.
Funds are usually sent to beneficiaries through their bank account.

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  1. Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) recruitment and online application that targets to assist small businesses especially farmers in Nigeria who are being threatened by the recession, economic hardship