NASIMS Fingerprint Verification Continues, Portal Login Issues Resolved

NASIMS Fingerprint Verification Continues, Portal Login Issues Resolved

If you are one of the N-Power Batch C applicants, we are happy to inform you that Nassim Portal login issues have been resolved and fingerprint verification/biometrics is in progress.


Over the weekend, most of the applicants who applied for NPower Batch C recruitment had difficulty accessing their portal, making it very difficult for them to complete their Batch C fingerprint / biometric verification.


The NASIMS technical team has decided to resolve the NASIMS  portal login problem due to the huge number of such complaints from applicants.


Applicants are now advised to log in to the portal to check if they have been shortlisted for the Npower Batch C after clicking the "Verification" tab.


If you encounter any other problem while accessing Nasim Portal, this could be due to two main reasons.


  • 1st: Please note that it is possible for many applicants to access the portal at the same time.
  • 2nd: The network condition in your area is bad



If you are shortlisted as a Npower Batch C beneficiary, you are advised to conveniently access cyber cafes to verify biometrics.


Login to your portal

Click on the Verification Tab

Click on Enrolment and Scan your FingerPrint.

Note, if you have not verified your BVN, you will need to verify your BVN before proceeding with fingerprint enrollment.


Most of the applicants used their mobile phone to do the Npower Batch C Fingerprint Verification but not the Fingerprint Verification


That’s why we suggest you visit your nearest cyber cafe to complete your biometrics enrollment, especially one that handles JAMAB / NYSC registration.


Advice for applicants who successfully complete FingerPrint Enrollment: They have to stay updated and always click on the Deployment tab on the NASIMS portal to view their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).


We would also like to remind you that the emails sent to the selected applicants for the Npower Power Batch-C do not guarantee that the applicant has made a list of finalists.



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