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Are you among the many NPower Batch C candidates whose application has been thoroughly verified for fingerprint capturing and biometric enrollment? If sure, then this post is strictly for you.


All the candidates receiving mail from Nasims are requested to follow the instructions of Npower Biometric Information Enrollment immediately and in time.


Note, Biometric Date Enrollment for Npower Batch C candidates is only to verify your few details and you can be good to go after that.


This is a very necessary step in the Npower Batch C Selection / Online Verification course.


Here, all skillfully verified candidates are expected to submit online on successful enrollment of all 4 fingers.


Next step after biometric enrollment of Npower Nasims

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We have received many requests from successful candidates of NPower Batch C in search of legal information on what to do next after Nasims's biometric enrollment.


questions like;

  • What is the next step after Nasims's biometric enrollment?
  • How do I know if my fingerprint has been captured in the Nasims portal?
  • What is NPower Batch C Physical Verification Exercise?
  • When will Npower launch the last option? etc

Above are the questions which we have removed from NPower Batch C candidates who are keen to understand what will happen next.


We will begin by answering the above questions one by one.


What next after Npower Nasims's biometric enrollment?


Biometric Enrollment / Fingerprint Capturing is the last option step after Npower Nasims.


Note that the shortlisted candidates may be ineligible for the last option if they do not enter their biometric information on the NASIMS portal.


How do I know if my fingerprint has been captured in the Nasims portal?

To ensure that if your fingerprint is captured in the Npower Nasims portal, you will receive a congratulatory message telling you "You have successfully enrolled your fingerprint"


What is NPower Batch C Physical Verification Exercise?

NPower Physical Verification Train is mandatory for all candidates who have accessed and verified NPower Batch C Recruit before being posted at their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).


NPower Physical Verification Train is a process where all successful Batch C candidates have to submit their documents in person at the LGA of their residence.


Please don't forget to change your NPower Nasims profile and add the required documents required before boarding your physical verification train.


When will Npower start the final selection?

The final choice of Npower will start as soon as the candidates are achieved with the biometric enrollment of Nasims.


The last choice stage is a course whereby the Npower staff selects all the certified candidates to form the Npower Batch C beneficiaries.

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